BalaTec Pc Repair

PC Repair

Hardware, Software and Windows

Logic carry out repairs of software and operating system (windows) along with physical PC repairs, such as replacement batteries and power supplies (PSU), hard drives, motherboards CD / DVD Drives, etc

Free Estimate and Advice

Whatever the problem, get in touch with us for a Free repair estimate and advice.

PC running slow, crashing or freezing up? There’s many causes for these problems
that we can quickly repair and have your PC or Laptop fixed in no time. Sometimes a

system just needs our Computer System Tune up service to fix it up and get it running fast once again.

Broken PC Computer and Laptops Repaired

Computer upgrades if you require more storage we can upgrade your hard drive and transfer over the data. Additional RAM Memory and CPU Processors if you need better

speed and performance. If your PC is old and you want to bring it up to date, we can

take a look at the system free of charge, and quote for what’s required to bring it in line with current computer specifications.

Local NYC On-Site Computer Service.

New York City area.

Email us to set up an appointment to come out to you. After all, we’re On-Site!

BalaTec Provides onsite computer repair In-home, remote computer repair and damaged laptop or notebook repair.

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